Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick pic spam of gal street fashion photo's.

This post will be really quick because I had class all day today (9:15am-3:30pm) then I had to participate in two psychology research studies for my gen. psych class (4-7:30pm) and finally I've been researching and working on my blogs (8-11pm).......

I've really gotten back into looing a street fashion websites because you get to see what the magazines won't show you.

Photo credit: Gorgeous gals having fun New Years 2011. This made me smile.

Photo credit: Another pic from 2011. I am always amazed when I see little gals and gyaru-o^^

Photo credit: fafali @ Flickr Haters gona hate but I think b-gals are cool, and it's okay for them to be curvy, it's probably celebrated. Tired of "I starve myself" post on gyaru secrets.

Photo credit: So I keep seeing post saying ganguro is DEAD. Well this was taken Fbe. 21st 2011....wait a minute what?! I can't hear youuuuuuu! It may not be as popular but if one is doing it it's still alive.

Photo "Queen Bee" credit: John Siegel @ Flickr

Photo "Tokyo Teens" credit: liljekvistp @ Flickr

Photo credit: bluish taste @ Flickr

These last four pictures are featured at my other blog RebelDolls. Thanks for viewing!