Monday, January 23, 2012

Drunk weekend #2

Hey! Pretty much this post is going to be pic heavy. I went out to a Korean resturant Saturday with a bunch of friends, then went to the Asian mart, and later that night a party at my friend Jenna's. I got extremely drunk and lost my gray Gilfy hat I JUST fucking got and it was my favorite one of my two hats. Me and hats are just having issues. First my Suicidal Tendancies hat in New York and now this.

I'm so much more out going when drunk and apparently have no problems chatting you up in Japanese....go figure.

Option #1 for my look that day:

what I actually went with (which is good considering how drunk I got):

Everyone on their way to the Asian food store.
The party at Jenna's
My friend bought me S.Korea's version of Pocky and I bought more.
Studs for my boots and jacket came in the mail.
My Bad Brains shirt, please note the chicken cutlet on the floor from my push up bra lol.
And what I bought at the mart.
That pretty much was my weekend.