Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Gets-Phone, Betsey Johnson, Soul Sister 4.

Hey I've sort of M.I.A. since I've been sick and really busy with what I thought would be an easy semester. I did get a few new things to lift my spirits. I've also started working om my moto jacket. I just need more studs (for the pocket and my boots), spikes (for the shoulder), and to find some buttons/badges of some of my favorite bands to add to it. Well here goes pictures:

I'll put the badges on the to part of the lapels. Those studs took forever and I cut my thumb with a cork screw I was using to poke holes.
Gorillaz "Stylo" T-shirt. Robo Noodle is badass!
A black blazer from an H&M sub-designer. I can make rock and use it fr interviews because I so need more corporate clothes (-_-;)\ 
Best damn thing I bought. I had seen this Betsey Johnson sequined blazer but retail price was like $170-$180. Found my perfect size 4 for $59.99 on e-bay. I love when people start the asking price low and expect a bidding war but the item goes unnoticed. STEAL! 
I needed wanted a new phone because the one my dad bought me did not let me use custom ringtones for SMS and that is my ONLY pet peeve when it comes to a phone. So I got the LG Neon 2 in silver and orange. Love the phone but I worry about the tiny buttons when I do my nails this weekend and they are long and blingy. 

Then I find an "unlocked" T-Mobile LG dLite aka the Lolipop and buy that only to find out that is doesn't let me use custom ringers for SMS and all the themes on the phone are girly as hell. Also it wasn't really unlocked so I had to pay an extra 1.99 for the unlock code. So looks I'll be selling a lolipop and it comes actually unlocked with both a T-mobile sim and an AT&T sim card.
Close up of my cell charms. I have a bunch of Hello Kitty ones and the beads with rose cross I made myself!
Too lazy to deco my own case right now so I just bought this to hold me until I do.

I also bought issue 4 of Soul Sister so far I'm doing a good job at keeping up with buying each issue. I heard on Tumblr Monica Tang is in it.