Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Basketball, Bars, Boozing, and PDA with hot guys!

So yaked this from my friends facebook because I was not breaking out the DSLR for a b-ball came and smaller digital cam needs new batteries, there are more photos but no ones uploaded them yet or failed to tag people.

Anyway me my friends Min, JD, Marvin, Andrea, Ashley, Heather, Amber, Dina, and another Ashley went to our Uni's basketball game. Min and JD are new international students from S. Korea so this was a fun first for them and me because I've never gone to a game in the 4 years I've been in school.

After we went drinking to a bar on campus. We all got mad tipsy some a little more than others (moi). I found out JD and I have a great appreciation of electronic music nd fawned over Daft Punk, Davd Guetta, and DJ Tiesto. I told him about Glitch Mob he told me about someone I didn't know but we were pumped. I ran up on the stage and started dancing, pulling oother people up, got JD to dance.

JD is awesome, he has a larger than life personality, LOVE IT!

Our friends William/peaches and Daniel (also from S. Korea) come to Damons but we leave there to go to bar downtown because everyone wants to get smashed drunk.

We leave that bar to go to a lounge that plays awesome electronic music. JD and I head straight for the dance floor. We're dancing the place is packed and we get closer, and closer, and next you know we're making out (-_-) this is not like me even when drunk but that damn awesome personality+being really good looking+booze+being a fantastic kisser and dancer got the best of me.

I told my friends Ashley and Andrea what happend totally embarrassed and they were all "we already knew, Marvin saw it"

He massaged me on facebook, we exchanged numbers, texted each other. Everyones going out to a Korean resturant in my city since it's the closet to our university and I'm nervous. He's so nice and chill about the whole thing (also a ton of us were in one car since most were to hammered to drive or dind't have a liscence ad guess who's lap I was sitting on) but I freaking madeout IN PUBLIC for like half an hour until club closing with a guy.

Oh lawd!