Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm soooooo lazy

This post is a combined post of two post that should have been made yesterday and the day before that. Mostly pic spam but yesterday I went to see the Green Hornet with my friends Ashley, Andrea, and Amber (OMG all of our names start with an A). I'm a nerd about super hero movie (Thor is coming!) and my friends (Andrea and Ashley) are Jay Chou fans (I'm now a fan 2. He's awesome). The movie was great and a fun 3D experience (unlike Tron 3D that wasn't very 3D at all). Also the movie theatre in Kent is cheeper than the one back home in Cleveland (9.00 in Kent, 13.00 in Cleveland).  Going to see Gantz with this upcoming weekend (Yamada Takayuki on the big screen>.<) Anyway my friends and I stopped in an new international food store and I bought the stuff above. The Hi Chew is like a green apple starburst but its way chewier, like for a second I seriously thought it was gum but I can read on the pack that it's soft candy (in both Japanese and English). I do really like it though. It's not as sweet as starburst (I don't eat alot of candy). The Kancho was awesome but I can't help but think of カンチョー (浣腸, kancho like the prank (the kanji is kanchou which means enema. Gross right....but you might be familiar with it, if not I'm sure you can google it.
I bought these nail art nail polishes the same day. The last one is neon orange but it looks pink here