Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Barbie King Size Grey Lense Review

 Okay so today was my first day wearing my new Barbie King size circle lenses in grey. Other than me having some difficulty getting them in (I'm a beginner) everything was a dream. At first it felt really weird. It was so apparent that there was a foreign object in my eye lol. I have never worn normal sized lenses let alone 14.5mm contact lenses so I expected it to be strange at first but literally two minutes after putting them in I couldn't tell they were there. THEY ARE THAT COMFORTABLE. I basically feel like these will be my preference when it comes to lenses. There are others I want and will try but I think I will always come back to these. They also looked smaller than they really are but when I put them in it was like harps were playing and light came down from heaven they were so gorgeous and big. I have seen where others say they are unaturally big and I sort of have to agree but I like that. The color is a bit more blue-grey than just grey (especially under brightlighting). They do make your eyes so big and doll like. The lenses don't dry out fast too (my eyes are pretty moist though). I put them in at like 8:30 am and didn't have to use my re wetting drops until like 3:20pm.
Under bright light
 With normal light
The lense in comparison to my natural eye. Like I said I was surprised at the difference in size. I get alot of compliments on my normal eyes but these blow them out of the water. I didn't think I could love my eyes more. (It's kind of a mess though. I had a harder time getting them out than in. My trick? I HAVE to move my lense of my iris to go in pinch it out. Nothing new I suppose but most people I see can just pinch it off their iris with the finger tips, or squeeze it of with the pads of the fingerers.) Well thanks for reading. I give these a 10 out of 10!