Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have a seroius shopping issue....I bought some new stuff (this I needed):

I have no pink n ail polish at school with me which was a crime....

 New lip gloss I like the color.
 New ear phones. I blew an ear in my old ones then spent 20 minute debating with myself on what the replacements would be. In the end the really cute sleek Sony white and silver ones lost to these cool and cute pink ones. The ear cushion part fold and the head band is a thin tube smaller than most my hair head band! The sound is really good not as bass heavy as my old ones but that's good for my hearing right?
 New curling iron. My mom stole my other one that doubled as a straightener. I'm thinking though I should have gotten the 1 3/4 barrel....
 New head band hair bow. Its big, pretty, and sparkly!

New caboodle plastic organizer for my makeup. My betsey johnson make bags are cute but a hassle and they don't keep things very organized and I NEED organization at all times.

On to the new stuff I need/but don't need right now. I bought two pair of ankle boots. One has studs and laces up, the other has straps and a platform wedge. Both are about 5 inches tall. I bout three pairs of fur leg warmers. One baby pink pair, one black, and one grey with black fuzzy balls. I also bought a nautical Betsey Johnson hobo bag and it's pink! I have no pink clothes at school with me because I was never a fan of the color, EVER.....but now its really getting to me. I'm waiting for all of it to ship. I did be a good girl and bought two more of my textbooks. I really am pissed that my General Psych book is 100 dollars and my history of the english language book is 159. I tried figuring out a way to get it free but it failed.....and renting it isn't that much cheaper. So peeved. I really wanted to buy this cute Prisila brand wig but that's 100 dollars that could go towards a text book. I get paid again on the 20th but I want to get a new cellphone (why do American cellphones barely come with the slot for cellphone charms anymore????? I was going to get my phone offline but I'm going to the store JUST to check if it has the ability for me to put charms on it). I'm also looking around for clothes for the spring. I need brighter colors I looked in my drawer and everything is black and white (or black and white with color on it). I need more cute tops TT.TT I am looking for a job so I won't have to pick and choose anymore for wants and needs. My job can feed my shopping addiction and there will be peace in the land of Rohan....well I guess that's it for now