Sunday, January 9, 2011


Another day, another year, another semester, and yet another blog to maintain. Let's see, I have my old tumblr of randomness, my fuckyeahyamadatakayuki tumblr, my Sims 3 blog, and now a blog dedicated to my journey into Gyaru fashion. I've been on and off with gyaru fashion for 3 years but I'm thinking that I'm  going to fully dedicate myself to it. I just ordered my first pairs of circle lenses. My natural eyes are pretty big so hopefully I'll still be able to see some difference when I get them and put them in. Even if there isn't much difference I can still change my eyes color. I bought the king size Barbie lenses in brown and one in grey. I get paid again in two weeks and I'm going to buy the green, black, and violet ones. I just can't see myself with blue eyes so I'm not going to try those just yet. Tomorrow I'm going to go buy new lashes, mascara (re-up time), and some liner. I also broke my favorite headband/hair bow. It's fixable but I'm still broken hearted. Bought a really cute suede Juicy Couture back pack, two new pairs of heels, a pencil skirt, a really pretty diamond head band, two pairs of hello kitty pajama pants, and four piece pajama set that has an awseome eye mask (take that morning sun), and some super cute zebra print Betsey Johnson pajamas. I kinda of wish I had got the pink back pack insead of the black. I guess I can go back and buy the other one.....I got my hair done too. It was pretty long but getting pretty unhealthy but I got my ends trimmed and all is well. It's alot fuller than normal. I had got sick and the medicine the doctor prescribed screwed my skin so I'm busy giving it some extra TLC. Well that's it for the first entry, not preping for Japanese tomorrow...