Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm so terrible....

I know it's pretty late but here the peice by peice break down of the outfit I wore a couple days ago and kept saying I will post more pictures.

 I wore a black tank top under this one but forgot to take a picture of it. This top though I found at a marshalls for like 12.99.
 I love this skirt. In the town where I go to school there's a store called Gabriel brothers and I found this there. I get tons of compliments on it and it probably cost me ten bucks.
 From Marshalls 7.99 black leggings with cute little silver buttons.
 American eagle cardigan was like 30 but I ot it on clearence at Marshall's
 Pea coat. 50 dollars on clearence normally 100. Nine West.
 I probably paid like 5 dollars for this scarf. I got crazy discounts on accessories when I worked at Payless.
 I found this when I was in walmart. Big and sparklie. $7.00
 I got this at a dots. I don't remeber how much it was I just bought it.
 Wow this pic is kind of sucky but these are the rings and bangles (I didn't wear the bangles though). I love the baby pink star and the silver little scottie dog.
 I shouldn't include this but the earphones were so cute with everything.
 Back back, Juicy Couture $120. My little Kitty-chan thing that holds my student I.D. got for free when it was a happy meal toy at the McDonalds I worked at in high school. I also have a Kitty-chan pocket mirror from the happy meal toys too.
 My bag that day. Betsey Johnson $75. I didn't take a close up picture of my slouch black cowgirl boots but those were the shoes that day.
Well thanks for reading! And have fun!