Monday, January 17, 2011

A heaven send and another tardy post.

I think I'll start with the tardy post which you probably have seen before. It's the makeup rankings that everyone is talking about (Jelly and Egg). The droopy eye is moving out and the cat eye is coming in. I also like the bold red lip which I've been itching to do (not that I'm the type to wait for someone else to tell me its cool) but here goes a picture:

Here's the link to the blog post I originally read:
Finally I don't know how many of you know about this blog but it is AMAZING (≧∇≦). I have no idea how she gets all her magazines or how much she's spending but she offers tons of magazine scans for download. Find the hook up here:

I've already DL'd Ageha, Pop Sister, Egg, ViVi, Jelly, and Ranzuki for 1/11 and she's already posting mags for Feburary. Make sure to comment and thank, even though I've been having trouble with that, stupid Bing ( ̄へ ̄