Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lash woes.....

So today was first time doing lashes and when ever it's your first time doing something it's usually never perfect and without trouble. The only problem I really came across was getting close to my natural lash line which is kind of a big deal. My real stupid eyelashes are VERY curly (something you really shouldn't complain about) but it does prohibit me from seeing where I'm going. Next time I'll try getting them on with tweezers instead of fingers and hopefully I can see clearer. I'm going to practice tonight. Found really cute faux fur leg warmers. I think I'm going to buy the black and white ones and next month go back and get the purple and baby pink ones (I have text books to buy so I can't shop like I usually do).  I like the lashes though. They are almost twice the length of my normal lash (which is kind of long itself) but I like the drama...if only my contacts would hurry up and come my eyes are big but is it really complete without the circle lenses????? P.S. pic spamming today \(o^o^o)/