Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Break Through.

No pictures but I'm keeping up with gal and practicing my makeup. I'm still unpacking for the summer so things are crazy. This is my second week showing up on g_s. The first time I was kind of bummed but this time I laughed. They called me gross because I stuck my tounge out...maybe I should pout in my pictures and try to look like Bambi...but then that gets you a "duck mouth" or "durp face" badge. Western gals are impossible to please so if you are practicing gyaru or gyaru-o please have confidence and HAVE FUN or the jackels will run you into a corner and eat you alive. I won't visit g_s anymore because (1) I'm tired of seeing really nice gals get bashed (2) that site does nothing to help anyone really, and (3)by visiting I'm only adding to the madness.If I want someone to give me constructive critism I'll just turn to the gals who I admire and feel do it right rather than some random people who can't grow a pair a say things to a persons face. Well hope everyone is having an awesome summer and long live gyaru/gyaru-o! Geez typing in my nails is many accidental typo's (-_-;;)

PS I'll be in New York in about a month so hopefully I'll be able to meet other gals!